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the God Pocket to those in need.

Miracle Recipient Bursts Into Tears During Delivery At Gym

My husband and I were blessed to attend a "You Were Born for This" conference. I had asked the Lord to use me as a delivery agent and had set aside a certain amount to deliver. Several days passed, and I had not found my "need for a miracle" person. As I was headed to the gym, I asked the Lord again to let me deliver a miracle, then I went on to listen to a discussion on the radio about the 2010 Census. I made it to the gym, and while exercising I tried to find my "person". I looked on the ellipticals, the weights, the treadmills... nothing. I continued with my workout and sat down at the last machine of my workout. I looked up, and there sat a woman on an exercise bike... wearing a 2010 CENSUS shirt! I prayed, "Lord, is she the one? I left the God Pocket in the car. Should I go and get it? Maybe, she's not the one..." Well, I went to the car anyway and got the God Pocket. As I walked in, the lady was no longer on the bike. Now, where is she?? She was walking around stretching, so I made a point to walk past her. She said, "Excuse me," thinking that she was in my way. She wouldn't make eye contact, and I asked God again, "Is she the one?" The lady got on the elliptical, and I hopped on the one right next to her. I began a conversation that quickly led into a conversation about young people suffering from absentee fathers, poor self-esteem, abuse, etc. Before I knew it, I was asking her what her dream was, AND she told me! This woman leads a group for girls that have very little self-esteem. She gushed about how she knows that she is called to minister, encourage and train girls ages 5-29 to create an army for the Lord. She was the one! I told her that this was a gift from God, I'm just a delivery agent, and handed her the money. She instantly burst into tears and told me she had asked God that morning to give her confirmation that her dream was still His dream. I prayed with her, while still standing on the elliptical. Then, she asked to pray with me! (The man on the next machine didn't know what to make about two crying strangers praying in the middle of all the elliptical machines.) She was amazed that God loved her so much that He would send a stranger to reaffirm His love and dream for her life. Hallelujah! When we parted, she laughingly said that I'd messed up her workout. She wanted to do 15 minutes on the elliptical machine. She didn't realize that she had already reached her goal. When God used me to deliver the miracle, we'd been chatting for 15 minutes. Oh, how He pays attention to the details! Thank you, Lord, for your goodness and for using me. —Stephanie from Atlanta, Georgia

A Grandmother's Prayers And A God Pocket Miracle...What A Combo!

We went out to eat Sunday dinner at Logan's Restaurant, and we felt nudged to give the young man who waited on us a $100.00 tip. We told him this was a gift from the Lord, and he got big tears in his eyes and told us he had been away from God, and out of church for about a year. He said he used to be the lead singer and guitarist for a well known Christian Rock Band, but he had been going to college and just drifted from the Lord. We invited him to our church the next Sunday, he came, brought two friends and during the altar call he went up and re-dedicated his life to Christ!!! He told us his grandmother had been praying for him and she would be so happy!

Miracle On 19th Street

I had just dropped my son off at his apartment and was headed back home from Louisville when I passed a young fella dressed in his McDonald's work clothes and walking briskly down 19th Street. I felt the nudge to give him a $50 money miracle, so I quickly turned around and rolled my window down as I pulled up beside him. I simply said, "Excuse me, could I ask you something?" "Yes"...he replied as he walked closer to the window. I told him as I drove by, I felt the Lord tell me to give him a money miracle. He began to smile and told me that his little girl's birthday was in a few days and this is definitely a miracle because he just started his new job at McDonald's and they didn't have any money to celebrate her birthday. I offered him a ride to work and as he jumped in, he asked if he could use my phone to call his wife to tell her the miraculous news! He thought she might not believe how he got the extra money, but if he used my phone that would confirm it to her. He tried to call her three times, but no answer. As I dropped him off at McDonald's, he told me to be sure and tell his wife the story if she called my number back to see who it was. Well, she did call and I was able to share God's love to her as was truly a miracle as she sighed in relief about the extra money Buddy would be bringing home that evening.
Waitress Doesn't Have To Wait To See If God Cares!

Jerry and Pammie, Just wanted to let you know that God blessed our waitress at Hyatt Regency out of our God Pocket. I told her, Mary, that I felt that God wanted to bless her and with His money in my God Pocket. She said "you don't know what this means to me for I am a single parent and don't have funds to buy things my daughter needs." Then, she said," this has restored my faith in God." Praise God! What a blessing I received at that moment. He giveth and giveth and giveth more. —Love, aunt Pauline
Huge Cue At The Drive-Thru

We'd see Alma regularly at the McDonald's drive-thru. We knew she loved the Lord and she knew we did too, but this particular drive-thru day was different. Alma's 38 year old sister had suffered a stroke and because of her debilitating illness, she had lost her job. HUGE CUE! Alma asked us to pray for her, but the next morning, God asked us to deliver a miracle to her. As custom would have it, we drove through and Alma was there. As she handed our bag of food out the window, we handed her a You Were Born for This book with a $200 God Pocket miracle inside for her sister. Pressed to move on through the drive-thru, we quickly gave Alma brief instructions about the miracle delivery and asked her to read more about "why" in the book. We could see the miracle delivery smile on Alma's face as we drove away while she was giving God the glory.

Well, months passed, Alma was promoted to management, so we didn't see her at the window anymore. One morning we were parked at McDonald;s having our devotions after breakfast, and I noticed someone walking up to my driver's side window. Startled, I looked was Alma, but not just was Alma and another lady. Alma said, "I'd like to introduce you to the fruit of the miracle seeds you sowed months ago...this is my once ill, unemployed sister Latonya!" Latonya stood there in a McDonald's uniform, healthy and grinning from ear to ear! What a joy it was to see the fruit of "asking to be sent" to deliver a miracle, and realizing God showed up and did much more!!!
You Would Have Thought We Handed Her A Million Dollars

Teresa dropped our bill off at the table and the Lord began to nudge us to learn more about her. I went to the register to pay her and casually asked her how late she had to work that evening. To my surprise, she gave me more than I'd asked for, but exactly what God wanted us to know in order to meet her need. She explained, "I really don't get off after work here, I just go to my second job during the day as a cook." She said, "Ever since serving in Iraq, I've had a lot of trouble sleeping and I'm trying to earn some extra money to help my grandson go to Band Camp. Sadly, his mother, my daughter, spent the money she was saving for his camp on some rather unimportant things, and now he needs help fulfilling his dream of going to camp...he would be heart broken if he couldn't go!" 

I went back to the booth and told Pammie what she had told me, and we agreed that we should just abide there for a while to see what the Lord wants us to do. Teresa came back to the booth and asked us if we'd like more to drink and Pammie "bumped" her for more info about her needs. Pammie said, "Teresa, how in the world do you work two jobs without any sleep?" Teresa explained, "I just do what I have to do in order to make ends meet and help my daughter and grandson." I proceeded with the Elisha bump, and asked, "What can we do to help you tonight Teresa?" Assuming she would ask for money, it was a risk we felt we should take, but how much would she say she needed? She looked intently at us and tears begin to well up in her eyes. Much to our surprise, she humbly asked us to PRAY that God would give her the strength to work the two jobs and be able to earn enough to send her grandson to camp. We told her we would pray and she went off to get our refills. While she was gone for the drinks, we gathered the $100.00 dollars we had between us and delivered a God Pocket miracle to her when she came back to our table. Oh my, from her reaction, you'd have thought we handed her a MILLION DOLLARS! Teresa began to weep aloud and praise God openly right there at work. She had to continue to wait on other customers with tears dripping off her chin and overjoyed. It was a sight to behold as God showed up!!! As we got up to leave, Teresa ran over to us and hugged us tightly. We told her to give God all the glory and she did...all over the place! As we were leaving, we casually asked her how much money her grandson needed to make band camp a reality. She said she had all, but $300. We walked out the door, looked a each other and knew God wanted us to finish the mission and complete the miracle. Thankfully, our bank was nearby...Teresa's grandson is going to Band Camp...Teresa cried and praised God even more that evening, and we went out of there knowing Teresa would sleep better when she had the chance.
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